Wrestling Adam




Adam Takedown Machine


  • Very few wrestlers like to take repititous drilling abuse by other wrestlers. ADAM will never tire or complain.
  • Over 100 combinations of set-ups, takedowns and drills can be performed on ADAM.
  • ADAM's 100% return after every maneuver allows the wrestler to perform over 25 manuevers per minute.
  • The wrestler can effectively feel and measure his progress.
  • Learning time will decrease greatly, thereby saving valuable coaching hours.
  • ADAM has proven to be invaluable for the wrestler that is injured and not able to go full strength.
  • The wrestler can drill at slow, half, or full speed. This allows him to analyze each individual aspect of the attacking process.
  • ADAM provides unbelievably life-like reactions to set-ups and takedown maneuvers.
  • ADAM's durability is absolutely incredible.
  • One of the World's finest training partners in the sport of wrestling can be in your wrestling room everyday.
  • "ADAM" is being used in 18 of the top 20 university wrestling programs in the nation and many of the top high school programs everyday.



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